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The fifth official sport of International Federation of Gymnastics, aerobic, is an exercise that takes place with the escort of music. It comes from a cure that oxygenates the webs and develops the body. The inventor, Keneth Couper, was an American military doctor, who wanted the soldiers to acquire cardiovascular perfection but not muscular growth. In 1968 the principles of Couper began to acquire high popularity, but aerobic became an international competitive sport for men and women only in the dues of the decade of 1980. Today, it is very popular in Europe and in Brazil, where the athletes are distinguished in individual, in double (pair) and in groups (three individuals) content. Rumanians and the Bulgarians are well known for their technical faculties. The first World Championship under the aegis of International Federation was held in Paris in 1995 with the participation of 34 countries. Since then, both world championships and many other international organisations are regularly carried out.


The athletes execute, with the escort of music of their choice, choreography of 1 minute and 45 seconds, which requires power, resistance, flexibility and synchronization. 12 elements should be presented, including one of each category. The choreography and the music should begin and finish simultaneously. The athletes should move rhythmically and cover the entire exercise extent. The expression, the originality and the force of presentation set the contest very fascinating. The athletes should be at least 18 years and the categories in which they contest are individual (men and women), in pairs and in teams with three individuals. Later, there will be six-member teams added. There are two committees of critics: committee A marks the individual contests and committee B the pairs and teams.




The program includes basic steps with kicks, impulses, step, run,

[?? anasikoma ??] knees and jumps, as well as elements with determined levels of difficulty. This elements are classified in following categories:

ph1 ph2
Kinetic Force Static Force
ph4 ph3
Flexibility Jumps



Strictly determined, costume is comprised by a once-piece flexible swimsuit in the colour of cuticle for the women, while for the men it can be comprised by one or two pieces (shorts and vest).

They should flexible, offer support and absorb the vibes. The most common colour is white, but is not imposed by the regulations..


The athletes have usually long utmost, are strong and agile, have resistance, marvellous sense of rhythm and perfect co-ordination. Since all muscles are being used continuously, the cardiovascular exercises and the development of muscles compromise their basic training.