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Antonis Kokkinelis was born in Athens in 1936 and it grew up the district of Plaka.
On 7 September 1950 he enlisted in the Naval Petty Officer Academy where he graduated in 1953.

Throughout his 27-year career in the Hellenic Navy he served in all types of War Ships (Anti-Torpedo, Oil-tankers, Arm Carriers, Mine-Layers, Tankers) and in the Hellenic Navy General Staff.

He retired with application on 15 October 1977 with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade of the Hellenic Navy.

In 1967 he settled in Argyroupoli and after his retirement, his uneasy spirit entered the commercial enterprises sector, creating with his beloved spouse Anastasia, a healthy manufacture company where his two children Giorgos and Dimitris work until today.

His activities in Argyroypoli were his continual social offer, his participation in Administrative Councils of Parents and Guardians and Athletic and Cultural Associations.
He was also elected Municipal Adviser of the Municipality of Argyroypoli from 1994 until 1998.

Having dealt with the sports since his child years, he nourished particular love for them. Through sports he cultivated his real IDEA with responsibility that sports
offer to children, aiming at and having as motto:


The love that he had for children and sports and Gymnastics in particular,made him in 1992 and in 2001 to establish two standard-setting Athletic Clubs of Rhythmical Gymnastic, the Athletic Group PALMOS in Argyroypoli and Athletic and
Cultural Association OLYMPIAKOS RYTHMOS also in Argyroypoli, whose impressive progress and nation-wide accolades is well known throughout Greece.
He passed away on the 23rd of September 2002 at the age of 66.