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In 2001 Antonis Kokkinelis and a team of our active fellow-citizens with inexhaustible disposal of offer and experience of many years in athletic events of the Municipality of Argiroupolis, founded the Olympic Rhythm club.

An athletic and cultural club that activates in the Rhythmic Gymnastics, in the Aerobic Gymnastics, the Ballet, the Modern Dance, Dance Stretching and the General Gymnastics.
Lots Social and Cultural activities are included in the program, such as follow-up of Theatrical representations and relevant events as International Meeting of Gymnastics, Athletically Camps, Christmas and Carnival feasts and excursions.

The association collaborates with 11 experienced and well established coaches and 2 technical advisers.
It is accommodated in the “HOUSE of GYMNASTICS”, in the Rhythmic – Aerobic’s room of Argiroupolis indoor gym, which has been provided to us by our Municipality’s Athletic Organization.
A site that has been rented by the club, with its own expenses, which is located at Fleming 28 and at the 2nd High School of Argiroupolis a room of multiple uses with a special parquet for all the requirements of Aerobic Gymnastics. We need to point out that, this room has been provided to us by the School director, Mrs Roussou, to whom we owe special thanks.

The mass departments of our club, participate twice per year in events, presenting their programs, where the parents have the chance to check their children‘s improvement.
Each year, selected children take part in the Pan-Hellenic Festival of Gymnastics. Also female athletes of our club participated in the Gala of Rhythmic of Olympic Games of Athens 2004.

From the very first year, the club had a swift ascendant route, which made our club the first force in the area of Rhythmic and Aerobic Gymnastics, conquering each year more and greater excellences.
After five years of operation, the club has in its potential 300 female Athletes that participate actively in Athletic, Cultural and Social Events, as well as in the Pan-Hellenic and World championships.

It is also worth noting, that six club’s junior female Athletes of Rhythmic team, were called during the summertime 2005 of in test-choice for the National Team, and also were preselected.

In July 2006 for the crewing of National Team of Rhythmic Gymnastics, preselected from 2005 female athletes our: Mpougiouri Niki, Karachaliou Eva, Papadopoulou Maria, Georgovasili Alexandra of also Konstantinou Maria.
Also eight female athelets of Aerobic were already selected and participated with the National Team in the World Championship that took place at Bulgaria in 2004.

From 17 July 2006, the head coach of all club departments of Rhythmic, Nelly Tontoroba, was chosen by the Greek Gymnastics Federation, as National Coach of Junior (Individual). A choice that awards our club for the high level of the coaches that train our children. In the Olympic Rhythm our love for the children is the one and only factor that inspires our work. Our fundamental objective is to cultivate body and spirit, placing robust bases for their future, using the experience, the love and our inexhaustible appetite for work.

What do the children gain?
Right attitude of body, muscular intensification, natural situation, flexibility, discipline, noble rivalry, collaboration, creativity.
Thus while they deal with their body, they shape a powerful and moral character.